St. Charles, Illinois

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5th Avenue Overpass (Kane County, Illinois)
Replaced 1969
Pratt through truss bridge over Chicago Great Western Railway on 5th Avenue
Replaced by a new bridge

CGW - Fox River Bridge (Old) (Kane County, Illinois)
Built 1886; Replaced 1956
Lost Pratt deck truss bridge over Fox River on Chicago Great Western Railway
Replaced by a new bridge

Elgin Road Bridge (Kane County, Illinois)
Lost Bowstring pony truss bridge over Fersons' Creek on Elgin Road (31)
No longer exists

Great Western Trail - 12th Street Overpass (Kane County, Illinois)
Built 1941
Steel stringer bridge over 12th St on abandoned Chicago & Great Western Rwy

UP - Fox River Bridge (Kane County, Illinois)
Built 1956-1957 for Chicago Great Western RR, pedestrian bridge later added on north side of existing structure
Deck plate girder bridge over Fox River in St Charles on UPRR (formerly CGW RR)

UP - IL31 Overpass (Kane County, Illinois)
Built 1962
Deck plate bridge over IL 31 (Second St) on UPRR spur (formerly CGW RR)
Open to traffic