Riegelsville, Pennsylvania

Delaware Road Bridge (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1920
Girder bridge over Delaware Canal on Delaware Road in Riegelsville
Replaced by a new bridge in 2014; beam bridge with decorative trusses

Riegelsville Bridge (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1904; rehabilitated 1984 and 2010-11
Suspension bridge over Delaware River on a spur off PA 611 in Riegelsville crossses over to Milford, NJ to NJ Rt. 519
Open to traffic

Riegelsville Footbridge (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Built 2009
Queenpost pony truss bridge over Delaware Canal on pedestrian traffic from Durham St to the Riegelsville Inn parking lot
Essentially new "fun truss" bridge added to Canal park walking tour