Portage, Wisconsin

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Center Avenue Bridge (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
Remove and replaced 1950
Lost Bridge over Navigation (Portage Canal of the Fox River) on Highway 33 Center Avenue
No longer exists

Cook Street- Wisconsin River Bridge (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
Built 1906; Replaced 1964
Lost Camelback through truss bridge over Wisconsin River on Cook Street
Replaced by a new bridge

CP - Portage Canal Lift Bridge (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
Former vertical-lift bridge over navigation canal, now fixed
Open to traffic

Duck Creek Road Bridge (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
Riveted/bolted Warren pony truss
Open for trail usage

MILW - Portage Canal Bridge (Old) (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
Removed 1907
Deck plate girder bridge over Portage Canal on Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Old Portage Line
No longer exists

Portage Covered Bridge (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
Built 1868; Destroyed 1905
Lost Howe through truss bridge over Wisconsin River on Road
Destroyed by severe weather

Portage Lock (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
Built to replace original lock sometime in the 1930s. Abandoned in 1951
Abandoned lock on Portage Canal