Poplar Bluff, Missouri

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Frisco - Black River Bridge (Poplar Bluff, MO) (Butler County, Missouri)
Built 1901, abandoned 1967. Was temporarily converted for vehicular use in 1968 to alleviate traffic problems
Abandoned Frisco Railroad bridge over Black River in Poplar Bluff, several blocks northeast of the courthouse
Abandoned with deck and approaches removed

Frisco - Palmer Slough Trestle (Butler County, Missouri)
Demolished Fall 2007
Lost wooden trestle on the Frisco Hoxie Branch Railroad over Palmer Slough near Sportmen's Park in Poplar Bluff

Main Ditch CR 307 Bridge (Butler County, Missouri)
Built 1915; replaced August 2005
Lost pony truss bridge over Main Ditch (Pike Creek) on CR 307 (Lone Star Road) just south of Poplar Bluff in Poplar Bluff
Replaced by a new bridge

MO 53 Viaduct (Butler County, Missouri)
Replaced 1990
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Missouri Pacific Railroad on MO 53
Replaced by new bridge

Pine Street Bridge (Butler County, Missouri)
Built 1934; rehabilitated 1986. Parallel eastbound bridge built 1975.
Deck truss bridge on westbound Business US 60 (Pine Street) over Black River in Poplar Bluff
Open to two-lane westbound traffic

UP - Black River Bridge (Butler County, Missouri)
Built 1903 by the American Bridge Co.
Through truss bridge over Black River on the Poplar Bluff-Dexter line of the Union Pacific Railroad
Open to railroad traffic

Vine Street Bridge (Butler County, Missouri)
Built 1883, replacing an earlier wooden toll bridge built by Daniel Kitchen in 1868 which had collapsed. Closed to traffic in 1968 because of poor condition, and soon replaced by a new concrete bridge at the same location
Lost through truss over Black River on Vine Street in Poplar Bluff
No trace of old bridge visible