Okoboji, Iowa

Great Lake Spine Trail - Lake Okoboji Bridge (Dickinson County, Iowa)
Built 1884 as a swing bridge, swing span became fixed span ca. 1920, became part of the bike trail network in 1995 linking Milford and Spirit Lake
Deck plate girder bridge over Strait between East and West Lake Oboji on formerly a railroad line between Spirit Lake and Milford, now a bike trail in Okoboji
Open to pedestrians

Okoboji Bridge (Dickinson County, Iowa)
Built 1929; rehabilitated 1979 and 1997; Previous structure was a pony truss bridge and before that, a series of wooden swing spans.
Canitlevered Concrete deck girder bridge over Okoboji Lake on US 71 & IA 9 in Okoboji
Open to traffic

Okoboji Bridge (Dickinson County, Iowa)
Built in 1909 over the strait between West and East Okoboji Lakes, replaced in 1926 but the truss span was relocated to its present spot.
Pony truss bridge over a branch of Little Sioux River on 180th Avenue
Bridge is privately owned by Parks Marina in Okoboji, awaiting re-erection over a pond on the grounds

Okoboji Swing Bridge (Dickinson County, Iowa)
Built 1883; Replaced 1909
Lost Timber stringer bridge over Okoboji Lake on Okoboji Road
Replaced by a new bridge