Midtown, Missouri

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Grand Avenue Suspension Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
Built 1891 by the King Bridge Co.; replaced in 1959 by the Grand Avenue Viaduct
Lost suspension bridge over Mill Creek Valley on Grand Avenue
Replaced as part of an "urban renewal project"

Grand Avenue Viaduct (St. Louis, Missouri)
Built in 1959, replacing the Grand Avenue Suspension Bridge as part of an "urban renewal project"; demolished March 14th, 2011; replacement UCEB opened to traffic July 13th, 2012.
Lost steel stringer bridge over Bernard Ave., Scott Ave., MetroLink, BNSF / Union Pacific railroads, and Gratiot St. on Grand Avenue in St. Louis
Replaced by UCEB

South Compton Avenue Railroad Viaduct (St. Louis, Missouri)
Built 1965
Bridge over multiple railroads on Compton Ave.
Open to traffic

South Grand Boulevard at I-64 / U.S. 40 Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
Built 1956; rehabilitated 1982
Concrete tee beam bridge over eastbound I-64 / U. S. 40 and under westbound I-64 / U. S. 40 on South Grand Avenue in St. Louis
Open to traffic

Spring Avenue Viaduct (St. Louis, Missouri)
Built 1957 as a bypass for the soon-to-be-closed-and-replaced Grand Avenue suspension bridge. Closed 1993, partial demolition 2001, complete removal in 2009
Lost steel stringer bridge over Union Pacific / BNSF Railroads / MetroLink, and I-64/U.S. 40 on Spring Avenue between Chouteau and Forest Park Parkway in St. Louis
Demolished, but abutments and some of the concrete balustrade "caps" at the south end still visible (see photos).

US 40 Vandeventer Overpass (St. Louis, Missouri)
Replaced during a seven-year $34 million project 1977-1984
Lost Bridge over Clayton Ave, Vandeventer Avenue, Norfolk and Western RR on US 40
Replaced by a new bridge

Vandeventer Avenue Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
Built 1935 by the Missouri State Highway Department; removed 2005 along with the old Chouteau Avenue viaduct (built 1918).
Lost concrete stringer and steel arch bridge over Vandeventer Avenue on a feeder ramp between I-64/U.S. Hwy. 40 and Chouteau Avenue in St. Louis

Wabash - Market Street Overpass (St. Louis, Missouri)
Lost deck plate girder bridge over Market Street on Wabash Railroad (industrial spur)
Replaced by a new bridge

West Jefferson Avenue Pedestrian Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
Lost Through truss bridge over Mill Valley railroads on Footpath
Removed but not replaced