Huntington, Indiana

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Briant Street Bridge (Huntington County, Indiana)
Built 1928; rehabilitated 1986
Concrete arch bridge over Little River on Briant Street in Huntington
Open to traffic

Broadway Street Bridge (Huntington County, Indiana)
Built 1960
Concrete deck girder bridge over Little Wabash River on Broadway Street
Open to traffic

Erie - Little Wabash River Bridge (Huntington County, Indiana)
Once part of the Erie's Chicago to New York line, this double tracked bridge was abandoned in the early 1980's when line was pulled up.
Deck plate girder bridge over Little River on Formerly Chicago and Indiana Railroad(nee Chicago and Great Atlantic, Erie, Erie Lackawanna, Erie Western Railroad) in Huntington
East set of plate girders renovated for pedestrian trail usage, West set removed.

Maple Grove Road Clear Creek bridge (Huntington County, Indiana)
Lost Thru Truss bridge. Unknown when bridge was closed. Abandoned by 1980's. Removed in 1990's. Formerly seen from nearby US 24. Not replaced, road now dead ends either side.
Lost Through truss bridge over Clear Creek on West Maple Grove Road in Huntington
Abandoned and later removed

Park Drive - Sunken Gardens Trail Overpass (Huntington County, Indiana)
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Trail on W Park Drive
Open to traffic

Sunken Gardens Bridges (Huntington County, Indiana)
Built 1929
Pair of Closed-spandrel arch bridges over Pond on Trail
Open to pedestrians only

US 24 Clear Creek Bridge (Huntington County, Indiana)
Built 1929; rehabilitated 1960; replaced 2000 when new 4 lane US 24 "Hoosier Heartland Highway" was built over old right of way. UCEB bridges are now used to cross the creek.
Lost concrete arch bridge over Clear Creek on US 24
Replaced by new bridges