Decatur, Alabama

CSX - Decatur Drawbridge (Limestone County, Alabama)
First bridge built on this spot was burned during the Civil War, replaced with a pontoon bridge. A swing bridge was built in 1885, and it was replaced by this modern drawbridge in 1978-79.
Vertical Lift Drawbridge over Tennessee River in Decatur
Open to traffic

Keller Memorial Bridge (Morgan County, Alabama)
Built 1925; Rehabilitated 1964 & 1987; Demolished 1998
Lost Open-spandrel arch bridge over Tennessee River on Us 31 *
Replaced by new bridge

Pontoon Bridge (Morgan County, Alabama)
Built in 1864 for the Union Army
Lost Pontoon bridge over Tennessee River
No longer exists

SBD - Tennessee River Bridge (Old) (Limestone County, Alabama)
Lost Through truss bridge over Tennessee River on Former Seaboard System Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

Steamboat Bill Bridge (Limestone County, Alabama)
Built 1961; reconstructed 1997
Cantilevered Warren through truss bridge over Tennesee River and L&N SOU RR on US 31/ALT US 72/AL 20
Open to traffic