Connersville, Indiana

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Connersville Covered Bridge 14-21-02x (Fayette County, Indiana)
Built in 1887 by E.L. Kennedy and replaced around 1935.
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Whitewater River on E 5th St
Replaced by new bridge

CSX West 11th Street Overpass (Fayette County, Indiana)
Bridge over Whitewater Valley Railroad, Western Av., Western Av West on CSX Rail
Open to traffic

Huber Aquaduct (Fayette County, Indiana)
Built 1908 by the Connersville Hydralic Power company and used later for right of way for water line. This replaced earlier Whitewater Canal Aquaduct. Use ended in about 1937.
Abandoned bridge over Stream on Whitewater Canal

Longwood Covered Bridge 14-21-01 (Fayette County, Indiana)
Built in 1884 over Williams Creek and moved to Roberts Park in 1984.
Burr arch truss bridge over depression in Roberts Park
Open to pedestrians

Veterans Memorial Bridge (Fayette County, Indiana)
Built 1987
Stringer bridge over Whitewater River on Rd 150 S
Open to traffic

Willowbrook Country Club Little Williams Creek Bridge (Fayette County, Indiana)
Built 1906;
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Little Williams Creek on Old Central Indiana Interubran
Intact but closed to all traffic except golf carts and golfers.