Chaska, Minnesota

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Chaska Swing Bridge (Carver County, Minnesota)
Built 1905, Approach Replaced 1911, Imploded August 1996 due to sinking pier
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Minnesota River

Chaska Trestle (Carver County, Minnesota)
Majority Constructed 1900
Lost Timber stringer bridge over Minnesota River Overflow on Former Chaska-Shakopee Trail
Partially Destroyed by fire October 31st 1996, remains closed

Chestnut Street Bridge (Carver County, Minnesota)
Opened August 1896, Lost 1959
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Minnesota River on Chestnut Street
Replaced by a new bridge

CNW US-212 Overpass (Carver County, Minnesota)
Built 1928, Removed 1992
Lost Steel stringer bridge over Former US-212 (Flying Cloud Drive) on Former C&NW RR
Removed but not replaced

Creek Road Chaska Creek Bridge (Carver County, Minnesota)
Built 1928, replaced 2014-15
Steel stringer bridge over Chaska Creek on Creek Road
Replaced by a new bridge

McKnight Road Bridge (Carver County, Minnesota)
Built 1913 to cross dual tracks of the CMStP&P, closed 2009
Pony/through plate girder bridge over TC&W RR on McKnight Road
Intact but closed to all traffic, scheduled to be replaced in the coming years

Victoria Drive Overpass (Carver County, Minnesota)
Built 1935, abandoned 2009 after the new Pioneer Trail Connection made road obsolete
Abandoned steel stringer bridge over Twin Cities Western Railroad on Former Victoria Drive
Removed but not replaced