Bunker Hill, Indiana

Elm Street Bunker Hill Pennsylvania Railroad bridge (Miami County, Indiana)
Built 1910, removed in 1990's. Currently filled in with Elm still going over. Built to avoid delays when the once busy doubletracked Panhandle/PRR trains would come to town. Station beside bridge and there was stairs down off bridge to tracks.
Lost Girder bridge over Abandoned Conrail(nee Penn Central, Pennsylvania RR, Panhandle, others) on Elm Street in Bunker Hill
Lost, area filled in for roadway

Nickel Plate IMC Pipe Creek Bridge (Miami County, Indiana)
Once part of the Peru and Indianapolis Railroad to connect those two cities(2nd oldest in Indiana), Later saw NYC trains use this line as well. Last used by Central Railroad of Indy RR before abandonment in 1999. IMC denotes Indy to Michigan City.
Deck girder bridge over Pipe Creek on Nickel Plate Trail, formerly Norfolk Southern(nee N&W, Nickel Plate Road, Lake Erie and Western, Peru and Indianapolis, others) in Bunker Hill
Open to pedestrians

Penn Central Railroad underpass US 31 (Miami County, Indiana)
Built 1969. Old Rail line once part of the Pennsylvania Railroad system's Panhandle route, later Penn Central and Conrail's Columbus(Ohio)Secondary track, formerly double tracked.
Concrete stringer bridge over US 31's dual lanes. on Abandoned Conrail Railroad in Bunker Hill
Closed to all traffic

Pennsylvania Railroad State Road 218 underpass (Miami County, Indiana)
Formerly 3 tracks went overhead of the Pennsylvania RR's Columbus line from Columbus to Chicago. SR 218 made a tight turn under this bridge which was later straightened when bridge was removed.
Lost Concrete deck girder bridge over State Road 218 and creek on abandoned Conrail (ex- Penn Central, Pennsylvania Railroad) in Bunker Hill

UTC - Pipe Creek Bridge (Miami County, Indiana)
Lost Bridge over Pipe Creek