Blue Springs, Missouri

Adams Pointe Golf Club Bridge (Jackson County, Missouri)
Built 1932, bypassed between 1992 and 1996
Bridge over Tributary of Blue Branch on Golf Cart Path (formerly R.D. Mize Road.)
Open to authorized vehicles only

Blue Springs South Bridge (Jackson County, Missouri)
Lost Queenpost pony truss bridge over Chicago & Alton (IC) RR on Walnut Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Woods Chapel Road East Fork Little Blue River Bridge (Jackson County, Missouri)
Built Before or During 1934, Flooded or Demolished by the Construction of Blue Springs Lake in the late 1980s. Replaced by a new bridge and causeway nearby to the west as part of the Blue Springs Lake project.
Bridge over East Fork Little Blue River on Southwest Woods Chapel Road
Site innundated, possible still there.