Bethel, Vermont

NECR - Bridge 39.56 (Windsor County, Vermont)
Warren through truss with all verticals bridge over Third Branch White River on New England Central Railroad
Open to traffic

NECR - River Street Overpass (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1940
Steel stringer bridge over Vt.107 (River Street) on NECR
Open to traffic

Peavine Bridge (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1919; Restored 1927; Abandoned 1933; Converted to auto use c. 1938
Quadrangular lattice through truss bridge over Third Branch White River on Peavine Boulevard (C2005) in Bethel
Open to traffic

River Street Bridge (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 2013
Modern Parker through truss bridge over White River on River Street (VT route 107 & 12)
Open to traffic