Bellaire, Ohio

B&O - Bellaire Bridge (Old) (Belmont County, Ohio)
Built 1869-1871
Lost Whipple through truss bridge over Ohio River on Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

Bellaire Toll Bridge (Belmont County, Ohio)
Operated as a privately owned toll bridge unitl 1991 when Ohio DOT cut off the west approach to build a new OH 7. Now owned by KDC investments which is in litigation with three companys who claim they paid for the exclusive scrap rights.
Cantilevered through truss bridge over Ohio River at Bellaire
Closed to all trafficsince 1992

WLE - Bellaire Bridge (Marshall County, West Virginia)
Built 1905
Through truss bridge over Ohio River on former Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in Bellaire
Open to traffic

WLE - Great Stone Viaduct (Belmont County, Ohio)
Built 1867-71, opened June 21, 1871; abandoned 1983
Stone arch bridge over city streets on the former B&O Railroad at the west approach to the Benwood Railroad Bridge. Listed in Landmarkhunter as "B & O Railroad Viaduct".
East portion open to traffic, west portion abandoned