Albia, Iowa

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APNC - North 8th Street Overpass (Monroe County, Iowa)
Built 1915; ballasted timber deck added 1942; Replaced 1998
Lost Pony/through girder bridge over N. 8th St. on Wabash, later N&W, later NS, now APNC Railway
Replaced by a new bridge

APNC/BNSF Overpass (Monroe County, Iowa)
Build 1924, Replaced 2012
Pony/through plate girder bridge over Railroad (BNSF) on Railroad (APNC)
Replaced by a new bridge

BNSF - 196th Street Bridge (Monroe County, Iowa)
Built 1927, Rebuilt 1980
Steel Stringer Bridge over 196th Street on BNSF Railway
Open to traffic

BNSF - IA5 Overpass (Monroe County, Iowa)
Built 1910
Lost Slab bridge over IA 5 on BNSF Railway
Replaced by a new bridge

ISRY - Abandoned 13th Street Bridge (Monroe County, Iowa)
Original 13' pile trestle bridge at this location built 1899; renewed 1934 with this bridge
Steel stringer bridge over closed street (13th St.) on Iowa Southern Railway
Open to rail traffic

Main Street Overpass (Monroe County, Iowa)
Lost Deck plate girder bridge over CBQ Railroad? on Railroad
No longer exists

Wabash/CBQ Overpass (Monroe County, Iowa)
Through-plate girder bridge w/concrete abutments, replaced by a newer bridge in 1924.
Lost Pony plate girder bridge over CB&Q Railroad on Wabash Railway
Replaced by a new bridge