Albert Lea, Minnesota

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Albert Lea Lake Interstate Bridge (Freeborn County, Minnesota)
Built 1970
Stringer bridge over Albert Lea Lake on I 35
Open to traffic

Albert Lea Viaduct (Freeborn County, Minnesota)
Built 1934 by A. Guthrie & Co. of Minneapolis; replaced 2001
Lost two-span through truss bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks on MN 13 in Albert Lea
Replaced by modern bridge

Bancroft Bridge (Freeborn County, Minnesota)
Built 1997 replacing a wooden stringer bridge built in 1954
Slab bridge over Fountain Lake on Csah 20(Richway)
Open to traffic

Bridge Avenue Bridge (Freeborn County, Minnesota)
Built 1966 Previous spans: Closed spandrel concrete bridge built in 1912; Riveted Warren pony truss bridge built in 1895 (at span of 64 ft.)- collapsed in 1912; wooden trestle built in 1867
Stringer bridge over Fountain Lake on 107(Bridge Ave)
Open to traffic

Hatch Bridge (Freeborn County, Minnesota)
Replaced 1955
Lost Closed spandrel archover Fountain Lake at Edgewater Bay on Lakeview Blvd at the junction of the Fairway
Replaced by a new bridge

Jugland Bridge (Freeborn County, Minnesota)
Built 1958
Timber stringer bridge over Shell Rock River at the mouth of Albert Lea Lake on CSAH 19 (South Shore Drive)
Open to traffic

Plaza Street Bridge (Freeborn County, Minnesota)
Built 2008 replacing a culvert
Stringer bridge over Bancroft Creek on Plaza Street
Open to traffic