Watson Manufacturing Co.

of Paterson, New Jersey
ERIE - Genessee River Bridge (Wyoming County, New York)
Built 1875
Lost Pratt deck truss bridge over Gennessee River
Replaced by a new bridge

Ponakin Bridge (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Built 1871
Post through truss bridge over North Branch Nashua River on Ponakin Road
Closed to all traffic

Portage Bridge (Wyoming County, New York)
Built 1875
Deck truss bridge over Genesee River on Norfolk Southern Railway north of Portageville
Open to traffic with speed and weight restrictions; replacement under way

Wallkill Valley - Rosendale Trestle (Old) (Ulster County, New York)
superstructure, 1870-72
Lost Deck truss bridge over Rondout Creek on Wallkill Valley Railroad
Replaced by new bridge