U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

of Washington, D.C.
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ABL - Fruitvale Bridge (Alameda County, California)
Built 1951
Vertical lift bridge over Oakland Inner Harbor on Alameda Belt Line

Access Road Bridge (York County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1949
Bridge over an overflow control on Access/Markle Road
Open to traffic

Broad Street Bridge (1st) 35-25-17x (Franklin County, Ohio)
Built 1832
Lost Covered through truss bridge over Scioto River on Broad Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Chain Bridge (Seventh) (Washington, District of Columbia)
Built 1874
Lost Whipple through truss bridge over Potomac River on Chain Bridge Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Dale Hollow Dam Spillway Bridge (Clay County, Tennessee)
Built 1943
Deck plate girder bridge over Dale Hollow Dam Spillway on Nfa A199
Open to traffic

DM&E - Mad Creek Bridge (Muscatine County, Iowa)
Raising 1977-1983, 1901
Deck plate girder bridge over Mad Creek on Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad
Open to traffic

DSRC - Chamberlain Bridge (Brule County, South Dakota)
Built 1953
Polygonal Warren through truss bridge over Missouri River (Francis Case Lake) on Dakota Southern Railroad
Open to traffic, but rarely used

Eagle Point Bridge (Dubuque County, Iowa)
Built 1901-1902
Lost Truss bridge over Mississippi River on US 151/US 61 in Dubuque

Francis Scott Key Bridge (Washington, District of Columbia)
Built 1925
Concrete arch bridge over Whitehurst Freeway, George Washington Memorial Parkway, and Potomac River on Water Street (U.S. 29)
Open to traffic

Ft. Peck Spillway Bridge (McCone County, Montana)
Built 1937
Concrete tee beam bridge over Ft. Peck Spillway on State Highway 24
Open to traffic

Hennepin Canal Lock 21 lift Bridge (Bureau County, Illinois)
Built 1904
Vertical lift bridge over Hennepin Canal on Park Access Road
Open to traffic

Highway Bridge (Washington, District of Columbia)
Design, 1904
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Potomac River on 14th Street/U.S. 1
Replaced by a new bridge

Hurricane Bridge (De Kalb County, Tennessee)
Built 1948-49
One 4-span Warren deck truss bridge over Caney Fork River on State Highway 56
Open to traffic, currently undergoing renovation, traffic reduced to one lane with signals

J. Strom Thurmond Dam Bridge / Clarks Hill Dam Bridge (Columbia County, Georgia)
Built 1950
Girder bridge over J. Strom Thurmond Dam / Clarks Hill Dam on U.S. 221
Open to traffic

Kenilworth Avenue Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Built 1936
Pony truss bridge over Verdugo Wash on Kenilworth Avenue in Glendale
Open to traffic

Mariposa Equestrian Suspension Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Built 1939
Wire suspension bridge over Los Angeles River on Equestrian Pathway
Open to pedestrians only

McNary Dam Locks Bridge (Benton County, Washington)
Built 1954
Deck plate girder bridge crossing the Columbia River
Open to authorized vehicles only

Mountain Street Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Built 1932
Concrete beam bridge over Verdugo Wash on Mountain St. in Glendale, Los Angeles County, California
Open to Traffic

NAUG - Thomaston Dam Bridge (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Built 1958
Pony/through plate girder bridge over Thomaston Dam Spillway (Naugatuck River) on Naugatuck Railroad
Open to traffic

North Jetty Construction Trestle (Pacific County, Washington)
Lost Timber stringer bridge
No longer exists

Old Stone Arch Bridge (Clark County, Illinois)
Built 1832
Abandoned stone arch bridge over Tributary of Mill Creek on Abandoned National Road (US 40)

Oologah Dam Worker Bridge (Rogers County, Oklahoma)
Built 1965
Warren deck truss with alternating verticals bridge over Oologah Lake on Workers Path
Open to workers only

Pike Island Lock and Dam (Ohio County, West Virginia)
Built 1965
Bridge over Ohio River
Open to traffic

Portage Lock (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
Abandoned lock on Portage Canal

PR14 Puente General Mendez Vigo (Coamo, Puerto Rico)
Built 1862
Brick arch bridge over Río Las Minas on PR 14
Open to traffic

Sligo Bridge (De Kalb County, Tennessee)
Built 1948
Five-span Parker through truss bridge over Caney Fork on US 70
Demolished and replaced.

St. Georges Bridge (New Castle County, Delaware)
Built 1941
Steel through arch bridge over C&D Canal on US 13
Open to traffic

Townshend Dam Spillway Bridge (Windham County, Vermont)
Built 1961
Pratt deck truss bridge over Spillway on Dam Road
Open to traffic

Trestle Bay Trestle (Clatsop County, Oregon)
Abandoned bridge over Jetty lagoon
Derelict/abandoned with deck removed

Turkey Creek Tunnel (Wyandotte County, Kansas)
Built 1919
Water Diversion Tunnel for Turkey Creek in Kansas City
Currently Open as a Water Diversion Tunnel for Turkey Creek

US67 St. Francis River Bridge (Wayne County, Missouri)
Built 1909
Lost through truss railroad bridge at Old Greenville over St. Francis River
Removed and relocated

Wards Island Bridge (New York County, New York)
Built 1950
Vertical lift pony/through plate girder bridge over Harlem River on Pedestrian Crossing
Open to pedestrians only