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ATSF - Sibley Railroad Bridge (Old) (Jackson County, Missouri)
Substructure, 1887
Three-span through truss railroad bridge over the Missouri River at Sibley

Combination Bridge (Woodbury County, Iowa)
Built 1890
Lost Through truss bridge over Missouri River on Old US 20 in Sioux City
Replaced by new bridge

Fort Madison Bridge (1888) (Lee County, Iowa)
Substructure, 1888
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Mississippi River on Railroad and Road
Replaced by a new bridge

IC - East Omaha Swing Bridge (Douglas County, Nebraska)
Substructure, 1893
Through truss swing bridge over Missouri River on Canadian National Railway
Closed to all traffic

Iowa Central - Mississippi River Bridge (Mercer County, Illinois)
Substructure, 1886
Lost Whipple through truss bridge over Mississippi River on Iowa Central Railroad in Keithsburg
Replaced by new bridge

Macombs Dam Bridge (New York County, New York)
Substructure, 1895
Swing bridge over Harlem River on E. 155th Street in New York
Open to traffic

Susquehanna River Bridge (Harford County, Maryland)
Substructure, 1873
Lost Pratt through truss and swing bridge over Susquehanna River on Road
Removed but not replaced at exact site