Seevers Manufacturing Co.

of Oskaloosa, Iowa
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Coal Creek Bridge (Warren County, Iowa)
Built 1889
Lost pony truss bridge over Coal Creek on a local road
No longer exists

Deer Creek Bridge (Nemaha County, Kansas)
Built 1891
Pony truss bridge over Deer Creek, 1.0 mi. south and 2.0 mi. west of Berwick
Open to traffic

Eddyville Bridge (Old) (Monroe County, Iowa)
Built 1897
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Des Moines River on Road

Eveland Bridge (Mahaska County, Iowa)
1903 Pratt, 1877
Abandoned Whipple through truss bridge over the Des Moines River on Fulton Avenue
Abandoned with deck missing

Galeton Bridge (Mahaska County, Iowa)
Built 1900
Pony truss bridge over an unnamed creek on Galeton Avenue
Open to traffic

Hazen Bridge (Champaign County, Illinois)
Built 1893
Bypassed pratt through truss bridge over Sangamon River on TR 85
Bypassed by a new bridge

Middle Creek Bridge (Mahaska County, Iowa)
Built ca1898
Lost Pratt pony truss bridge over Middle Creek on Ventura Avenue
Removed but not replaced