New Castle Bridge Co.

of New Castle, Indiana
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Fort Street Bridge (Chippewa County, Michigan)
Built 1900
Dismantled through truss bridge in Sault Ste. Marie
Dismantled and stored for reuse

Gause Road Bridge (Mercer County, Ohio)
Built 1901
Pony truss bridge over Beaver Creek on Gause Road (TR 55)

Holland's Ferry Bridge (Johnson County, Iowa)
Built 1900
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Iowa River on Road

New Castle Bridge Railings (Henry County, Indiana)
Built 1899
Bridge over Unknown stream on Campground road
Railings have been welded onto a culvert, were originally on a small beam bridge that was replaced long ago.

Spruce Street Bridge (Chippewa County, Michigan)
Built 1900
Lost Pennsylvania through truss bridge over Power Canal on Spruce Street
Replaced by new bridge

Van Pelt Bridge (Shelby County, Indiana)
Built 1900
Lost through truss bridge over Conns Creek on River Road
Replaced by new bridge