Montague S. Hasie

of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
Montague S. Hasie, Sr., and Montague S. Hasie, Jr., were both bridge contractors operating out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the early twentieth century. A 1900 Fort Worth city directory lists both the senior and junior Hasie as bridge builders. By 1902, Montague S. Hasie, Sr., had moved to Dallas and established himself as president of the Texas Bridge Company. County commissioners' records for the same period indicate that the company actually served as agents for the American Bridge Company, a large fabricator from New York, New York. By 1908, Montague S. Hasie, Jr., is also listed in the Dallas city directory as a bridge engineerandcontractor. (

Sycamore Creek Bridge (Hamilton County, Texas)
Built 1911
Lost pony truss bridge over Sycamore Creek on CR 288
Replaced by new bridge