Louisville Bridge & Iron Co.

of Louisville, Kentucky
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University of Louisville provides the following about this company which is noteworthy due to its association with famous engineer Albert Fink.

The Louisville Industrial Works was founded in June of 1865, and located on the corner of 8th and Cawthorn Streets in Louisville. The first officers were: Albert Fink - President, A. P. Cochran - Secretary and Treasurer, E. Benjamin - Superintendent, Gilman Trafton - Engineer, and George and James W. Ainslie. One year later, on June 19, 1866, the name was changed to the Louisville Bridge and Iron Company. The company moved to 11th and Oak Streets in 1872. Both the name and location changes were to be permanent.

A 1924 article in the Louisville Courier-Journal reports some of the Louisville Bridge and Iron Company's major contracts to date, including:

A 1926 article in the Louisville Courier-Journal announces the retirement of Frank Vaughn, the president of the company (age 70) after 58 years of employment. If these dates are correct, Mr. Vaughn joined the company in 1866 at the age of 12 years!

The Louisville Bridge and Iron company closed in 1987 after 122 years of business in Louisville.

CFWR - Rock Island Bridge (Warren County, Tennessee)
Warren deck truss bridge over Caney Fork River on Caney Fork & Western Railroad
Open to traffic

CSX - Mulberry Fork Black Warrior River Bridge (Cullman County, Alabama)
Warren deck truss bridge over Mulberry Fork Black Warrior River on L&N Railroad
Open to traffic

IC - Tangipahoa River Bridge (Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1906
Truss bridge over Tangipahoa River on Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad (Y&VM)
Collapsed in 2015, Removed in Aug 2016

INRD - Wabash River Bridge (Sullivan County, Indiana)
Built 1910
Through truss bridge over Wabash River and two county roads on Indiana Rail Road (former Illinois Central Railroad)
Open to traffic

L&N - Bridgeport Swing Bridge (Jackson County, Alabama)
Swing span, 1892
Camelback Warren through truss bridge over Tennessee River on CSX Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

L&N - Frankfort Fink Truss (Franklin County, Kentucky)
Built 1868
Fink through truss bridge

L&N - Livermore Bridge (McLean County, Kentucky)
Built 1872
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Green River on Louisville & Nashville Railroad
Removed; Pier remains as a lookout point

NS - Reynolda Road Oveprass (Forsyth County, North Carolina)
Built 1916
1916 Pony/through plate girder bridge over Reynolda Rd on SOURR/NSRR

NS - West Market Street Overpass (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Built 1939
Steel stringer bridge over West Market Street on Southern Railroad (Formerly K&IT Railroad)
Open to traffic

Old Clay's Ferry Bridge (Fayette County, Kentucky)
Built 1871
Two-span through truss bridge over Kentucky River on KY 2328 (Old US 25) in Lexington
Open to traffic

Panhandle Bridge (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Built 1870
Lost Through truss bridge over Ohio River on Pennsylvania Railroad at Louisville
Replaced by a new bridge

Southern - Ocmulgee River Bridge (Pulaski County, Georgia)
Built 1890
Lost Warren swing bridge over Ocmulgee River on Southern Railway Company

State Route 2014 Bridge (Bell County, Kentucky)
Built 1873
Lost Warren through truss bridge over Cumberland River on State Route 2014
Bridge has been replaced.

Woodland Street Bridge (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Built 1886
Lost Whipple through truss bridge over Cumberland River on Woodland Street
Replaced by a new bridge