Joseph C. Elliott

of Payson, Illinois
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Fall Creek Bridge (Adams County, Illinois)
Built 1855
Stone arch bridge over Fall Creek just north of 223rd Lane (Payson Lane)
Open to pedestrians only

Mexico Road Covered Bridge 25-69-01x (Monroe County, Missouri)
Built 1859
Lost 100-ft covered bridge over Elk Fork Salt River southeast of Paris
Washed away in 1967

Paris Covered Bridge 25-69-04x (Monroe County, Missouri)
Lost 100-ft covered bridge over Middle Fork Salt River at Paris
No longer exists

Santa Fe Covered Bridge (Monroe County, Missouri)
Lost covered bridge over South Fork Elk River near Santa Fe
No longer exists

Stoutsville Covered Bridge (Monroe County, Missouri)
Built 1857
Lost 145-ft covered bridge over North Fork Elk River west of Stoutsville near the US 24 crossing
No longer exists

Union Covered Bridge 25-69-02 (Monroe County, Missouri)
Built 1870
Covered bridge over Elk Fork Salt River, just off Route C southwest of Paris
Open to pedestrians only