James Barney Marsh

of North Lake, Wisconsin
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Court Avenue Bridge (Polk County, Iowa)
Designer, 1917
Five-span arch bridge over Des Moines River on Court Avenue in Des Moines
Open to traffic

Creamery Bridge (Miami County, Kansas)
Built 1930
Three-span Marsh arch bridge over Marais Des Cygnes River on 8th Street at Osawatomie
Open to traffic

Lake City Bridge (Calhoun County, Iowa)
Designer, 1914
Marsh arch bridge over Raccoon River on Pedestrian Walkway in Lake City
Open to pedestrians

Locust Street Bridge (Old) (Polk County, Iowa)
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Des Moines River on Locust Street
Replaced by new bridge

Main Street Bridge (Barnes County, North Dakota)
Designer, 1925
Lost Through arch bridge over Sheyenne River on I-94 Business Loop
Demolished and replaced by a wider replica

Mill Street Bridge (Vermilion County, Illinois)
designer, 1915
Abandoned concrete arch bridge over North Fork Vermilion River on Bridge Street in Danville

Rockwell City Bridge (Calhoun County, Iowa)
Designer, 1915
Abandoned marsh arch bridge over Lake Creek
Open to pedestrians only

Spring Street Bridge (Chippewa County, Wisconsin)
Built 1916
Rainbow arch bridge over Duncan Creek on Spring Street in Chippewa Falls
Open to one-way traffic

WCFN - Sans Souci Bridge (1897) (Black Hawk County, Iowa)
Erection, 1897
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Cedar River on Railroad (WCF&N)
Replaced by a new bridge