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Enola Low Grade Trail - Safe Harbor Bridge (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Erectors, 1904
Abandoned bridge on former PRR low-grade freight line, it crosses over the Congestoga Creek and passes by the Safe Harbor Powerplant

Norfolk Southern Railway Overpass (Perry County, Pennsylvania)
Contractors, 1900
Stone arch bridge over Utility Road on NSRR
Open to traffic

NS - Rockville Bridge Wye Overpass (North Leg) (Perry County, Pennsylvania)
Contractors, 1901
Pony plate girder bridge over NSRR on Amtrak/NSRR
Open to traffic

NS - Safe Harbor Bridge (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Erectors, 1906
Deck plate girder bridge over Conestoga Creek on Railroad (NS (Nee C&PD RR (PRR).).)
Open to traffic

Pennsylvania Railroad abandoned spur (Perry County, Pennsylvania)
Contractors, 1903
Stone arch bridge over PRR abandoned spur on Conrail/NSRR
Open to traffic

Rockville Bridge (Dauphin County, Pennsylvania)
Contractors, 1902
Masonry stone arch viaduct over Susquehanna River on Norfolk Southern Railway
Open to traffic