Harrington, Howard and Ash

of Kansas City, Kansas & New York, New York
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Blair Bridge (Washington County, Nebraska)
Built 1929
Lost three-span through truss bridge over the Missouri River on US 30 east of Blair
Replaced by a modern bridge

Boonville Bridge (Cooper County, Missouri)
Built 1924
Lost through truss bridge over the Missouri River on US 40, MO 5, and MO 87 at Boonville
Replaced by Boonslick Bridge

Brookport Bridge (Massac County, Illinois)
Built 1929
Ten-span through truss bridge on US 45 over the Ohio River at Brookport
Open to two-lane traffic

Cape Girardeau Bridge (Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
Built 1928
Lost continuous through truss bridge over the Mississippi River on MO 34/IL 146 at Cape Girardeau
Replaced by Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge

Central Avenue Bridge (Wyandotte County, Kansas)
Built 1918
Two-level deck truss bridge over Kansas River on Central Avenue in Kansas City
Open to traffic

Champ Clark Bridge (Pike County, Missouri)
Built 1928
Five-span through truss bridge over the Mississippi River on US 54 at Louisiana
Open to two-lane traffic

Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge (St. Louis County, Minnesota)
Lift Bridge Designer
Vertical-lift through truss bridge over the Duluth Ship Canal on Lake Avenue in Duluth
Open to traffic

Eleventh Street Bridge (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Built 1916
Bypassed open-spandrel arch bridge over Arkansas River formerly carrying Southwest Blvd. (US 66) in Tulsa
Closed to all traffic but preserved as a Route 66 historic site

Jordan Bridge (Chesapeake, Virginia)
Designer, 1926
Lost vertical lift bridge over South Branch Elizabeth River on VA 337 in Portsmouth
Bridge has been removed

Old Vicksburg Bridge (Warren County, Mississippi)
Built 1930
Cantilevered through truss bridge over the Mississippi River at Vicksburg just north of the I-20 bridge in Vicksburg
Closed to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic, but still used by the Kansas City Southern railroad

Paseo Overpass (Jackson County, Missouri)
Design, 1917
Pair of concrete arch bridges over 77th Street on Paseo Blvd.
Open to traffic

Sebree Bridge (Jackson County, Missouri)
Design, 1924
Three-span open-spandrel arch bridge over Brush Creek on Benton Blvd. in Kansas City
Open to traffic

Victory Bridge (Vermilion County, Illinois)
Design engineers, 1922
Lost concrete arch bridge over Vermilion River on Gilbert Street in Danville
Replaced by new bridge

Waverly Bridge (Lafayette County, Missouri)
Consulting engineers, 1925
Lost five-span through truss bridge over the Missouri River on US 24/65 at Waverly
No longer exists

Wisconsin Avenue Bridge (pre-1984) (Outagamie County, Wisconsin)
Consulting engineers, 1925
Lost Deck plate girder bridge over Fox River (US Army Corps of Engineers Canal) on Wisconsin Avenue / Island Street (now part of Wisconsin Avenue)
Replaced by new bridge