E.L. Corthell

BN - Nebraska City Railroad Bridge (Otoe County, Nebraska)
Associate chief engineer, 1888
Lost Whipple through truss bridge over Missouri River
Line abandoned in 1982; Removed in 1984

IC - Cairo Railroad Bridge (Alexander County, Illinois)
Built 1889
Lost through and deck truss bridge over the Ohio River carrying the Illinois Central Railroad in Cairo
Replaced by the current bridge, reusing many of the piers in the process

Merchants Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
Chief engineer, 1890
Three-span through truss railroad bridge over the Mississippi River between St. Louis and Venice, Illinois on Terminal Railroad Assosiation
Open to two tracks of railroad traffic. Only one train is allowed to cross the bridge at a time, due to its age.

NYC - Rondout Bridge (Ulster County, New York)
chief engineer, NYWS&B, 1882
Lost Triple Intersection Pratt & Whipple through truss bridge over Rondout Creek on NYC West Shore Line
Replaced by a new bridge