C.H. Atkinson Paving Co.

of Chillicothe, Missouri
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Dark Creek Route Z Bridge (Randolph County, Missouri)
reconstruction, 1947
Pony truss bridge over Dark Creek on Route Z
Open to traffic

East Fork US 136 Bridge (Gentry County, Missouri)
Contractor, 1922
Lost two-span through truss bridge over East Fork Grand River on US 136
No longer exists

Marrs Creek Bridge (Randolph County, Arkansas)
contractor for 1950 widening, 1934
Open-spandrel arch bridge over Marrs Creek on US 62/67 in Pocahontas
Open to pedestrians only

River Aux Vases Route B Bridge (Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri)
Contractor, 1936
Lost through truss bridge over River Aux Vases on Route B southwest of Ste. Genevieve
Demolished to make room for replacement bridge

Smith Creek MO 94 Bridge (Warren County, Missouri)
Built 1934
Pony truss bridge over Smith Creek on MO 94
Open to two-lane traffic

Stony Creek Bridge (Hot Spring County, Arkansas)
Built 1928
Concrete tee beam bridge over Stony Creek on Sh 51
Open to traffic