Mono County

Buckeye Campground Bridge   [Map]
Pony truss bridge over Buckeye Creek on Buckeye Campground
Open to traffic
Built 1978; rehabilitated 1988
Leavitt Meadows Campground Trail Bridge   [Map]
Warren pony truss with all verticals bridge over West Walker Creek on West Walker Trail (#22046)
Open to pedestrians only
Built between 1933 and 1953; rehabilitated 1953; damaged by flooding 1996
West Walker River Bridge   [Map]
Glue laminated timber arched Pratt pony truss bridge over West Walker River on Cunningham Lane
Open to traffic
Built 1951
Wolf Creek Bridge   [Map]
Pony truss bridge over Wolf Creek on FR 62
Open to traffic
Built 1979; rehabilitated 1988