Map of Arizona Bridges

This map shows the locations of the Arizona bridges for which this site has photos and latitude/longitude information. Hover your mouse over a dot to see details about a particular bridge.

Querino Canyon Bridge Leslie Canyon Road Bridge Glen Canyon Bridge Little Colorado River Bridge Moenkopi Wash Bridge Navajo Bridge Midgley Bridge Black River Bridge Cordova Avenue Bridge Inspiration Avenue Bridge Keystone Avenue Bridge Miami Avenue Bridge Pinto Creek Bridge Reppy Avenue Bridge US 60 Salt River Bridge Salt River Bridge White River Bridge Gila River Bridge Guthrie Bridge Old Safford Road Bridge Old Safford Road Bridge Park Avenue Bridge Alchesay Canyon Bridge Boulder Creek Bridge First Water Creek Bridge Fish Creek Bridge Gila River Bridge Lewis Pranty Creek Bridge Mill Avenue Bridge Pine Creek Bridge Sand Hollow Wash Bridge Cedar Canyon Bridge Chevelon Canyon Bridge Clear Creek Bridge Holbrook Bridge Woodruff Bridge Ciénega Bridge Winkelman Bridge Kelvin Bridge Magma Avenue Bridge Queen Creek Bridge Silver King Road Bridge Hell Canyon Bridge Verde River Bridge Perkinsville Verde River Bridge Walnut Grove Bridge Williamson Valley Road Bridge Ocean to Ocean Highway Bridge Lynx Creek Bridge London Bridge McPhaul Bridge UP - Yuma Bridge Navajo Bridge NEW Corduroy Creek Bridge UP - Salt River Bridge Hassayampa Bridge Ash Avenue Bridge Chase Creek Railroad Bridge Cameron Suspension Bridge Verde River Sheep Bridge Whispering Pines Bridge Rio Puerco Bridge Allentown Bridge Sanders Bridge Winona Bridge Dead Indian Canyon Bridge Lupton Wash Old Route 66 Bridge Queen Creek Tunnel Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge AZCR - Verde River Bridge BNSF - Canyon Diablo Bridge Obed Bridge ATSF - Canyon Diablo Trestle BNSF - Little Hell Canyon Bridge BNSF - Big Hell Canyon Bridge Old Rt. 89 Hell Canyon Bridge Canyon Diablo Old Highway Bridge Hoover Dam Spillway Bridge Pinta Road (Old Route 66) Bridge Padre Canyon Bridge Diamondback Bridge Old Route 66 Partridge Creek Bridge Crookton Overpass Water Holes Canyon Bridge Pumphouse Wash Bridge Old Trails Road Bridge Granite Creek Bridge Little Hell Canyon Highway Bridge Broadway Street Bridge Gila River Bridge Bylas Bridge Sacaton Dam Bridge UP - Stone Avenue Overpass Old Woodruff Bridge Roosevelt Lake Bridge Kaibab Trail Suspension bridge A&NM - Gila River Bridge ATSF - Granite Creek Bridge Santa Cruz Bridge No. 1 Willis Street Bridge AZCR - Perkinsville Bridge Queen Creek Bridge AZCR - SOB Canyon Trestle BNSF - Old Trails Road Overpass (N) Truxton Wash Bridge UP - 6th Avenue Overpass UP - 4th Avenue Overpass UP - Marsh Station Bridge BNSF - Oatman-Topock Highway Overpass SP - Yuma Swing Bridge (2nd) UP - Auga Fria River Bridge Crozier Canyon Bridge (Old US 66) BNSF - Kingman Bridge BNSF - Sawmill Canyon Bridge BNSF - Old Trails Road Overpass (S) AZER - North Broad Street Overpass ATSF - Bottleneck Wash Trestle ATSF - Granite Creek/Wash Trestle Mill Street Bridge (NB) Tempe Town Lake Pedestrian Bridge Old Cedar Wash Bridge NM&A - San Pedro River Bridge Coolidge Dam SP - Yuma Swing Bridge (3rd) SP - Yuma Swing Bridge (1st) SP - Yuma Swing Bridge (4th) Laguna Dam Road Bridge Flatcar Bridge Dry Wash Bridge Davis Wash Bridge Claypool Tunnel Queen Creek Bridge (old) BNSF Hassayampa River Bridge Theodore Roosevelt Dam AZCR - Clarkdale Trestle Jacks Canyon Bridge Morenci Southern - Loop #1 SMARR--Tucson Wash Trestle Salt River Bridge (early) Lobb Alley Footbridge Bridge Street Footbridge