Apache County

Allentown Bridge   [Map]
Abandoned pratt deck truss bridge over Puerco River on Former alignement of Allentown Road (Old US 66)
Built 1923
Chinle Wash Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Steel stringer bridge over Chinle Wash on US 160
Open to traffic
Built 1962
Ganado Crossing   [Map · Street View]
truss bridge over Sr 264 on Ganado Ped Op
Built 1986
Kin Li Chee Wash Bridge   [Map]
Wooden bridge over Kin Li Chee Wash on BIA Route N39
No longer exists, replaced by culvert
Built 1940
Lupton Wash Old Route 66 Bridge   [Map]
Concrete tee beam bridge over Lupton Wash on I-40 South Frontage Road (Old US 66)
Open to traffic
Built 1927; rehabilitated 1939
Pinta Road (Old Route 66) Bridge   [Map]
Concrete bridge on Pinta Road (Old Route 66)
Open to traffic
Querino Canyon Bridge   [Map]
Deck truss bridge over Querino Canyon on Old US 66 in Houck
Open to traffic with 3 Ton Weight Limit
Built 1931
Rio Puerco Bridge   [Map]
Lost Deck plate girder bridge over Rio Puerco River on Petrified Forest National Park Mainline Road
Replaced by new bridge
Replaced 1996
Sanders Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Pratt pony truss bridge over Puerco River on on an abandoned section of Claymine Road (former US 66) in Sanders
Mounds of sand keep bridge closed to automobiles but open to pedestrians
Small Wash Bridge   [Map]
Concrete tee beam bridge over Small Wash on Apache Co Rd #4225
Open to traffic
Built 1929; rehabilitated 1940