Lee County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Cody BridgeUS 79 over St. Francis RiverReplaced by a new bridge in 1984Parker through truss--1984----
Cow Bayou Relief BridgeUS 79 over Cow Bayou ReliefOpen to trafficSteel stringer1948--29.9153.9
Hog Tusk Creek BridgeSh 238 over Hog Tusk CreekReplaced by a new bridgeTimber stringer1971201819.055.1
L'Anguille River AR 1 BridgeAR 1 over L'Anguille RiverReplaced by new bridge in 1968Parker through truss--1968----
L'Anguille River US 79 BridgeUS 79 over L'Anguille RiverReplaced by new bridge in 1947Camelback through truss--1947----
La'Anguille River BridgeSH 1 over La'Anguille RiverOpen to trafficSteel stringer1968--126.0525.9
MP - St Francis River BridgeMissouri Pacific Railroad over St Frances RiverRemoved but not replaced and relocated To TexasThrough truss19121966----
MP - St. Francis Diversion Channel BridgeMissouri Pacific Railroad over St. Francis Div. ChannelRemovedUnknown--------
UP - L'Anguille River BridgeUnion Pacific over L'Anguille RiverOpen to trafficWarren through truss with all verticals1909--150.0150.0
UP - US79 OverpassUnion Pacific over US 79Open to trafficPony/through girder1948------